designed her first collection at the age of 10. Chunky knit bat-winged cardigans and long ra-ra skirts paved the way for all things shiny and luxurious.

Fast forward 17 years and Zoe launched her first collection under the label CORSELLIS.

After 3 seasons and being stocked in TopShop and on ASOS, Zoe had a change of direction and focused her energies in other areas of the industry.

Now 10 years later and whilst on maternity leave, Zoe decided to rekindle her passion for fashion, launching her new luxury label ZOE CORSELLIS.

For me, fashion is about showing off your personality in all its glory, daring to be different and celebrating that in style. It’s a wonderfully personal and creative art form which has an ability to make every single person feel fabulous.
— Zoe Corsellis